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We are called the "Microwave Generation" and that rightly so. We want everything done in a hurry. Now, even the microwave isn't fast enough. We are so impatient when we find we have to wait. We even try to hurry God, not realizing He has His own timetable, His own schedule and it can't be rushed. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that He may put us on "Hold".
When is the last time you felt the presence of God in your life in a way that you cannot describe? Maybe when you were in prayer, or ministering to someone, or worshiping God. There may have been times when all of a sudden you just began to cry and couldn't explain why. This is how it happens to me. I don't hear anything but I just feel His presence and I feel so loved by God. What a wonderful feeling!!!
Most of us are comfortable with what we know. It's what we don't know that allows fear to come in. And not only that; you have to think about Abraham; God told him to leave his country, not just his town or his city, but his country. You know, like leaving the United States and going to a different country. That's a major move!
We never know how people are watching us and are being blessed because they see the love of God in us. When we live our life according to the will of God, others are blessed. Ruth positioned herself for transformation. She meets Boaz, a rich relative of Naomi's deceased husband, when they return to Bethlehem; and finds favor in his sight.
Just take a good look at these bodies we live in. Everything in a beautiful perfect order, functioning and coordinated together. Imagine what you would look like if your toes were growing out of your head, or one eye was on your hand and the other on your foot? Or what if your leg was were your nose is, or if God had made your mouth in the middle of your back? Yes, it was God our Creator who put us together and we are His handiwork.
The same wind that seemingly is blowing you in so many negative ways; blowing all kinds of trouble, disappointments, pain and suffering into your life; is the same breath of God that is blowing you into the predestination He has set up for your life. You are predestinated and foreordained for good works. God is building character in you. He is building integrity, strengthening your faith, building trust and patience: setting you up for a blessing.
Fear will hold you back and keep you from being all that God wants you to be. People in your life may have told you that you will never be able to accomplish your dream. They instilled doubt in your mind about yourself and who you are, what you can do or cannot do. But when we stop listening to people and listen to what God has to say about us, we will be able to release our potential and be all that we are meant to be in this life, to the glory of God.
We all have some kind of mountain in our life. But did you know that you can speak to whatever kind of mountain it may be, and if you have faith to believe that what you say will come to pass, it will happen? That's what Jesus told His disciples, and He never told a lie. After He had cursed the fig tree for not having fruit on it, it withered away, and the disciples were amazed that it happened.
In order to have Resurrection Power we have to walk in HUMILITY. Jesus walked in humility throughout His earthly life. Humbleness is not an option, it is essential if we want to walk with God. Humility is not weakness, it is strength and power under control, with the Holy Ghost in control.
Have you ever been so thirsty that you felt if you could just get something to drink you would be alright? So, you drink soda and you find you are still thirsty. Then you drink some juice and you are still thirsty. No matter what you drink, it doesn't quench that thirst until you drink a glass of nice cold WATER. Water is what quenches that deep yearning, the thirst of our bodies.


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