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Faith without works is dead, we must activate our faith: do something to show that we believe God, that He will do whatsoever we ask. You need a job and are praying for God to open a door for you. Then go out and put in applications, expecting God to answer your prayer. Your wayward children are not listening to you as you try to lead them in the right way.
Do you know what your name means, what it stands for? Parents name their children all kinds of names for different reasons. Maybe it just sounds nice, or someone in the family has that name or it was the name of a grandparent or close relative. Whatever the reason, that child has to live with that name for the rest of their life, whether they like it or not, unless they decide to legally change it.
What is your problem today? What circumstances have come up that you feel you just cannot deal with? Whatever you do, don't get under them! Use your spiritual weapons and overcome them with the Word of God. Search the Scriptures and see what God has said about that situation, and say what He says. Put it under the Blood of Jesus, and declare the victory.
In order for the power of God to be made manifested in the lives of those we touch, we must first believe in our hearts that God will do what He says He will do. Jesus said if we believe and not doubt in our heart, that we could ask what we want and it will be given unto us. We have to rise up and walk the walk of faith before we can help someone else. And the confidence is not in ourselves, but in the living God.
He works His will through us as we align our wills to His will. Are you willing to be willing to do God's will in the earth, that others may see the manifestation of the miracles they are praying for?
We cannot do God's work without abiding in Jesus; it is unacceptable. Jesus says we must obey His Word, keep His commandments. We can do more if we live in Him and allow Him to live in us. We can do so much more than we ever dreamed we could do.
We wonder why the apostolic miracles are not present in our congregations today as in the days of old. We don't see the lame coming in and laying down their crutches and walkers and getting out of wheelchairs. Why is that? What is the difference in our churches today?
Do you consider yourself beautiful? God made each of us in His image and He made all of us beautiful! But that beauty can be overshadowed by sin in our lives and things we need to get rid of. Once we do that the world can see the beauty of Jesus that is in us.
Do you know that the angels in heaven are always singing and rejoicing, praising God? They are always joyful so they sing praises to the Lord and they worship Him with their songs. What is your favorite song? A song that you always find yourself singing and don't even realize that you are singing.
Have you ever awakened in the morning with a song singing in your spirit? The Lord has given you a song in the night season and you wake up with that song singing in your very soul. God has given you victory while you were asleep, He has delivered you from something and given you a song in the "night season". Because He never slumbers nor sleeps, He is constantly working in us while we don't even know it.


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