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enables us to do Greater Works in Kingdom Advancement locally, Nationally and Worldwide

As you partner with this Prayer-focused Ministry, not only will you encounter new levels of growth and blessings, but you will make an impact in God's Kingdom advancement and the lives of women.

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"I find Anointed for Victory Prayer Ministries to be very spiritual and uplifting with words of encouragement, hope and strength." - L. LYNCH - Grand Rapids, MI
"I thank God for the Anointed for Victory Ministries. A friend gave me the Prayer Line number when I was living in Atlanta, Georgia three years ago. When I feel heavy in my spirit I am l lifted up when I come to the Prayer Line each morning. Partnering with this ministry has made a different in my prayer life and has helped me to have a closer relationship with God. As a result of prayer in this Ministry my body was healed after having a stroke; my Social Security disability benefit case came through after I participated in the 27 Day Breakthrough Fast. My son, Elijah, came home off the streets; my son, Lamar, was in California for a year and I could not locate him. After Evangelist Vera Robinson ministered to me and agreed with me in prayer, within one hour, the Holy Spirit led her what to do to find him, and she located him. My sister was dying, and after Sister Barbara Scott prayed with me in agreement for her and I began fasting, I can report that my sister is healed. To God Be the Glory! It is a great privilege to partner with this Anointed Ministry, because my family and I have experienced so many blessings." L. TAYLOR - Detroit, MI
"Truly this ministry has been a blessing unto me, family, and friends. When there is an urgent prayer need there is always a direct link for prayer. My soul has been blessed with the wisdom of the knowledge of God's Word." - D. Douglas Philadelphia, PA


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