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I was in a church service one time when there was a "prophet" praying for the people. After a time, he called for an offering and had his mind totally on the offering instead of the people coming for prayer. One man went for prayer while the offering was being taken and the "prophet" told the man to come back to another service and then he would pray for him.
When we focus on money and things – possessions, we put them before God and forget about Him. Jesus said it is hard for a rich man to enter into heaven. Why is this so? Because he feels he has all he needs and doesn't need God, the One who has the whole world in His hands. A rich man depends on his riches and possessions to gain whatever happiness he needs in life: not realizing that the mammon is temporal and will pass away.
In this day and time men need encouragement like never before. They need to know that they are loved and very much need in this world. They also need Godly wisdom and understanding of the ways of the kingdom of God. Jesus is our supreme example in how to live as holy men of God. He prayed often to the Father, putting His earthly life completely in God's hands.
Do you ever wonder why you see so many more women in the church than you see men? Even married women are there without their husbands. Jesus came to earth as a male child and the devil hates men more than anything. He does everything he can to destroy the male seed born into this world. Look at our prisons, the crack houses, the bars; there you see mostly men and our male youths.
We belong to Jesus and He belongs to us. What a marvelous revelation! God is our Father and we can go to Him for anything; we can ask for anything that lines up with His will for our lives. Remember, God's will is His Word, so we don't have to be in the dark about what His will is for us; just get into the Word and see what He has said.
God wants to establish an intimate relationship with human creation. He made us in His image for that purpose. He made us with all of His goodness in us and a love for Him. But all that changed in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned against God. Now we must seek Him to get back into that right relationship with Him.
When I look back at last year's 21 Day Fast, I see just how far God has brought me because of my faith. When I started with the Anointed for Victory Ministries journey my faith was as big as a mustard seed. I was all alone, miserable and depressed, and had been in the bed for three months, sad and sick of everything. But I had Jesus, and when I started looking back on my life, I realized that I had a little faith.
God is an awesome God and the Bible says that His ways are impossible for us to figure out. Our minds are too finite to be able to figure out the God Who made the Universe, but sometimes we try to do it anyway. When we pray and expect Him to answer, we have it all planned who we want Him to answer; and we have the nerve to get upset if it doesn't come out the way we planned.
Watch out for the enemy after you have received a great victory or deliverance from the Lord. Satan knows he is defeated and now he will try to sow discouragement in your mind. And this can happen especially if you are tired and worn out from battling the enemy, which was probably the case with Elijah.
It doesn't matter how dark your path may seem to be, hold on to your faith. Joseph never blamed God for the hard times he experienced, he continued to trust Him to bring him out. The Bible doesn't even say anything about him hating his brothers for what they did to him. Instead, he let God use him right where he was.


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