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No woman regardless of age, race, academic achievement, economic, social, or cultural status is immune to the trials and challenges of life. Countless women suffer during different stages of their lives from hopelessness, feelings of loss, lack of value, low self-esteem, loss of identity and isolation. Its true women are subject to the brokenness of this fallen world, however, buried inside that seed of truth is the fact that every woman was fearfully and wonderfully made by the hands of God the Father. He created every woman with a divine purpose and plan. He filled her to preserver through her trials and her faith is stronger than anything life can throw at her.

The Inspire Project inspires women to ignite hope. Hope is the fuel that flames transformation, restoration, healing and deliverance. The Inspire Project uses a variety of inspirational projects to encourage women to HOPE.

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Take some time to read the testimonials and see past event photos.

"Dear Evangelist Vera Robinson and the Anointed for Victory Ministries, Thank you for reaching out to the Women of a "Better Way "this past Mother's day. Your gifts and words of encouragement meant so much to the women as well as the staff. We pray God's blessings upon you and your co-laborers in the Ministry." - Lois Williams, Founder/CEO "A Better Way Transitional Housing" Avondale, Arizona
"The 'Inspire Project' Mother's Day Celebration was a very special time for the ladies. The beautiful cake, wonderful food, gift bags and words of encouragement to the ladies never give up "Hope" regardless of their situation was a blessing. I know a lot of work went into the planning to make this celebration a special time. I appreciate so much for Anointed for Victory Ministries putting the funding behind the "Inspire Project" Mother's Day Celebration to make this celebration a memorable occasion. The Ladies felt very special and valued." - Sarah Rhein, Take Charge Program Director, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"As I was sitting among the women , waiting to start the "Inspire Project" Mother's Day Celebration, I began to reflect back 13 almost 14 years ago when I was sitting in the same chair praying, and seeking hope for my future of being clean and sober . Yes, Take Charge is the same program where I made the decision to take charge of my life. I am a graduate of Take Charge program, and to have the opportunity to be the facilitator of behalf of the Anointed for Victory Ministries "Inspire Project" Mother's Day Celebration, Grand Rapids, MI is a pivotal point in my lift. To see hope and excitement in the women eyes was heart warming and gave me great joy.

We had wonderful fellowship, delicious food, and each women received a Mother's Day gift bag. The gifts was very special because each gift bag had a piece of jewelry that was donated collectively by all the women on the Anointed for Victory morning prayer call. Mothers are jewels. I thank God for giving Evangelist Vera Robinson the vision for the "Inspire Project" to inspire women with Love and Hope." - Lula Mae Reed, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The response was "pure surprise". The ladies shared with me that they didn't think people cared and thought about them anymore. Some ladies cried and continued to say thank you for thinking about us on Mother's Day. They were so happy. The "Inspire Project" Mother's Day Celebration really touched the ladies at Take Charge. I thank God for giving Evangelist Vera the "Inspire Project". Through this project we are able to let women who are in recovery or struggling with life challenges know that God is with them and His love is shown through women who love them and inspire them to hope." - Margaret Martin, Grand Rapids, Michigan
"I want to thank all of the beautiful Sisters of Anointed for Victory Ministries for your financial donations to fund the "Inspire Project" Mothers Day Celebration for women in transition, and the beautiful jewelry each women received along with other special gift items at Take Charge Grand Rapids, MI and A Better Way of Life Women Transitional Home Avondale AZ. Great big thank you to Margaret Martin Grand Rapids, MI for the opening prayer and Lula Reed, Grand Rapids, MI who facilitated and gave words of hope and encouragement. I am very proud of both Margaret and Lula for stepping up to make a difference in the lives of the women at Take Charge. Well done Anointed for Victory Sisters!" - Evangelist Vera Robinson, Phoenix, AZ.

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