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If we expect God to wipe our slate clean, we will have to free others with the same forgiveness that Jesus extended on the cross to that dying thief. Jesus forgave and interceded for His accusers. True forgiveness does not remember the bad or the way the wrong was done. True forgiveness is not judgmental.
When we open our hearts and hands to give to God, He takes what we give and multiplies it according His calculations and uses it for His glory. Then He fills our hearts and hands according to His riches in glory, with His abundant blessings.
There is no other name under the heaven given among men that can save us; only Jesus. He saves us from sin and every other giant that would come against us when we magnify Him and see Him bigger in every situation.
One day while sitting in my study, which was also my prayer closet, I looked around the room at the different piles of papers, some of which needed to be filed in the file cabinet, some needed to be put into their proper binders, and some just needed to be thrown away. I felt that there was such a clutter in my prayer closet. At that time the Holy Ghost spoke to me about the clutter we bring to our prayer closet...
Some people do a lot of traveling and are constantly packing their luggage. My mother had a friend who never emptied her luggage because she traveled a lot. Well, it depends on where you are going, what you carry in your bag. One year my sister and I traveled together to our family reunion in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina...
What do you have in your house? If you have a little oil in your pot, God can take it and use it for His glory. Elisha told the widow woman to go to all her neighbors, not just those close by but go abroad and get empty vessels. There are empty vessels in our lives just waiting to be filled.
Have you ever started out on a trip and realized that your gas tank was almost on empty? You know it is urgent that you get some gas, but you make a few stops along the way before you get to the gas station; all the time using up the little bit of gas you had in the beginning. Then, the tank is on empty, the car stops and you can't go anywhere until you get a refill.
Moving preparation is hard work but we must stick with it until it is finished. Jesus said he that endures until the end shall be saved. Allow the Holy Spirit to inspect your house and do whatever He says you need to do, in preparation for your moving day.
This is true when we hear the Word of God and understand what God is saying. It activates the joy of the Lord within us and we gain more strength for the journey. Nehemiah's enemies tried to intimidate him by lying on him and trying to make him afraid while he was rebuilding the wall. Whenever change and progress are underway, there is always going to be competition arising to challenge the leader. And the leader has the option to chose whether to turn and run or stand up to the challenge.
The Lord was still showing me things about this repotted plant. Now that is had room to grow it was growing in leaps and bounds. New leaves began popping out all over this plant. Then the Lord showed me where the new leaves were growing. They were growing in exactly the same place where the old leaves had dropped off. Every notch where there had been an old leaf, there was growing a new leaf.


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