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The Word of God tells us over and over again that we are to be thankful in every circumstance in our lives whether we feel it is a blessing or no: because no matter what happens, God is in it working on our behalf. He knows what is best for us and is always, always working it out for our good and for His glory.
When you look at Facebook you see that some people have hundreds of friends, or so it seems. Just how do you define friend and how can one person have so many? The dictionary defines "friend" as someone with whom you have a bond with who is not a relative or sexual partner.
When Jesus entered into the world He entered as the Word of God. That is why He kept saying, "The words I speak, I'm not speaking on My Own, I speak whatever the Father tells Me to speak." (John 7:16 & John 12:49). Jesus is still speaking in these last days and we must heed what He is saying. In days past God spoke to man through His prophets, but now He is speaking through His Son, Jesus.
Jesus is marvelous, He is whatever His Name says. He is "marvelous in all His works, and that my soul knows right well". We loosely use these words to describe people we are impressed with and really, no one is all that. We can only be speaking the truth when we say those things about Jesus, because that is who He is.
When Jesus walked the earth the people wanted to know just Who He was. Some knew Him to be Joseph's Son, the carpenter. Other's knew Him to be Mary's Son out of wedlock, so they thought. Some knew Him to be a good Teacher. Other's who saw His miracles knew Him to be a Miracle Worker. But Who is He really?
Why is it that we celebrate the birth of our Savior only one time during the year? This is an event that we should remember everyday of our lives. God Almighty stepped down from His glory and into the flesh of mankind to deliver us from the slavery of sin. What great love! No one loves us that way.
Think of a room with gross darkness, no light shining anywhere. Then someone comes in and lights a match, a tiny match. That darkness has to give way to the light of that match. If this could happen with a very small match, how much more can the Light of Jesus push back the darkness in our lives.
I know, Christmas is coming soon, so why am I writing about a Christmas tree, at this time of the year? Every year Christmas comes and goes so quickly. If you were like me, last year you sang a lot of Christmas Carols. And you know what, I understood the meaning of the Christmas Carols like I have never done before; even after singing them and knowing them by heart for many years.
If you are a mother, think about your first born and the fear you may have had in your heart because you didn't know how to handle this new tiny little creature. You had total responsibility to take care of this baby, to nurture him/her, teaching, guiding in the right direction. You had no idea what raising a child would entail. You had no idea that there would be heartache and pain in your life while raising this child. All you can see now is a tiny little baby who will certainly need your help, your love, your care.
As we look back over the past year, we all probably have some things we say we "should of, would of, could of… if only". But the past is now the past and we have been blessed with a new day, a new year, a new future, because God has it in HIS plan for us.


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